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UBUS Specializes in the Printing, Publishing and Distributing of Books, Magazines & Newspapers


We are a team of professionals with over 30 yrs. of experience in the publishing and distribution industry. services include:

Consulting: We provide Free professional consulting services that guides our clients through the steps that are necessary to assure that our clients projects are successful. Our staff can then help you to develop a solid marketing strategy that will maximize your books marketing potential.

Distribution: Our  Booklist Catalog, online distribution and long time distribution contacts provide our customers with 24hr book distribution services. We will help you to establish yourself and your book on the Internet. We will create a web page that features only you and your book. This will be done either with your own domain or as a link to our business. The choice is yours. Editing & Proofreading:UBUS will review, advise, and edit your book. But only if you elect these services. At no cost to you, we will evaluate and tell you what your manuscript needs to meet our publishing criteria. We will advise you about what you can do yourself. Or we will tell you what it will cost for us to do the job. Again, the choice is yours.

Layout & Design Book Covers and Interior: We Specialize in both. All of your layout and design work is to prepare your work for digitized or offset printing. Yet Again, the choice is yours. But we will give you hands on help if you have a need for close supervision at anytime.

Printing /Reprinting: Do sold out books, or new editions of your book that you need to get printed then we can handle the job for you: "The KHA Way" - quality and quickly!

Public Domain Books: Books that we published in the 19th century and early 20th century are now in "Public Domain." This means anyone with the inclination can reprint them. If you have such a book and would like to venture into publishing, while controlling your financial risk, call us. We will help you to determine if the publication is in fact, in "Public Domain." And we will give you information that will assist you in making a decision. The choice is yours. ask to speak with Khalifah

Invest in Up and Coming Writers!! Do you have an interest in investing in the writing talents of others?We will explain all of your risks. We can even arrange for a meeting between you as the potential investor; and author who needs assistance.
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We are located at: 26070 Barhams Hills Road – Drewryville, Virginia 23844